Our missions

The missions of the Agence de la biomédecine include the following :

  • supervision of all aspects of organ, tissue and cell procurement and transplantation, at every stage from donor to recipient ;
  • administration of the French volunteer bone marrow donors register, the organ transplant waiting list, organ donation refusal register, the French national in vitro fertilisation register and the national registry of dialyses and transplanted patients
  • authorisation and monitoring of studies and research on embryos, preimplantation genetic diagnosis centres and multidisciplinary centres for prenatal diagnosis ;
  • accreditation of practitioners for preimplantation genetic diagnosis and human genetics ;
  • implementation of vigilance systems for ART and transplantations ;
  • promotion of the donation of bone marrow, gametes, organs and tissues, through national publicity campaigns and in collaboration with healthcare professionals and patients associations.

In addition, the 2011 French Bioethics Law mandates the Agence de la biomédecine to inform the French Parliament and Government about developments in the field of neurosciences.