Our values in action

The values of ethics, equity and transparency underpin the missions and strategic projects of the Agence de la biomédecine.

The agency is very attentive to the transparency of its role, of its operating methods and of the rules applied in its various fields of competence. It scrupulously publishes declarations of financial interests online in order to guarantee the independence of its expertise, and produces numerous reports. In addition, it replies to questions asked by the general public and dispels popular misapprehensions, such as “Is it dangerous to donate bone marrow ?”

In the most equitable way possible, the Agence de la biomédecine guarantees individuals the treatment they need, within the constraints of health and safety and ethical considerations. For example, it manages the national organ allocation platform, lays down good clinical practices for each of the activities it supervises, and publishes information intended for couples concerned by ART.

The use of substances of human origin for therapeutic purposes raises ethical questions which the Agence de la biomédecine seeks to resolve in strict compliance with the legislation on Bioethics. It ensures compliance with the three fundamental principles governing the donations for which it has responsibility : the gratuity of donation, consent and anonymity.

To carry out its missions, the agency collaborates with healthcare professionals, institutional partners (regional health authorities and other healthcare agencies) and patients’ associations.