Assisted reproductive technology and gamets donation

Three ART (assisted reproductive technology) techniques are available for couples with problems of infertility or who have diseases that could be transmitted to the child : artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and embryo donation.

The Agence de la biomédecine is fully focused on improving the treatment and impartial monitoring of couples who require ART. It administers the IVF register, which enables it to stipulate good practice in conjunction with healthcare professionals. It has also implemented a vigilance system to favour the systematic declaration and documentation of serious adverse events in order to prevent them recurring.

In the treatment of many infertile couples, the use of donated gametes (sperm or oocytes) may be necessary. The agency regularly organises awareness campaigns targeting the general public and the healthcare community as part of its efforts to promote donations. Gamete donation is voluntary, anonymous and unpaid.